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Shubham Sasane

I am a graduate student from NYU, majoring in Computer Engineering. I have been always enthusiastic about creating impactful apps. I have a track record of successfully leading projects from conception to completion by skillfully addressing uncertainties and obstacles throughout the iterative development cycle.


I have exhibited software development and problem-solving skills by designing and developing several applications from scratch with RESTful architecture, carrying the development of its' back-end and front-end using Node.js, React, MongoDB, JavaScript for which I have received a good amount of response from the app's users. I have good knowledge of Python, Java, JSP, servlets, debugging, MySQL. I am always enthusiastic to learn new things.

Work Experience


(part time)

Aug 20 - Mar 21


  • Developed publishing and ebook-store platform for writers and readers where users can post blogs, sell and buy e-books, follow each other, comment and like on blogs, own an individual book store, etc.

  • Acquired 5000 users and pageviews of 40k+ within three months of launch.

  • Ranked at 18,341 by Amazon Alexa traffic rank in December 2020 in India.

  • Pursued and onboarded renowned writers to write on the platform by contacting them through calls and emails.

  • Conducted best blog competitions for writers, webinars and Instagram live events to increase the userbase.

Software Engineer


May 20 - Aug 20

Org LLC, New York

  • Developed an internal search feature for the platform enabling the users to efficiently search through the database of 500k+ records with 90% accuracy using Node.js, Express.js, and MongoDB.

  • Built front-end react pages for the application using react, facilitating users to interact with the platform in a better way.

  • Created postman collections and unit tests for testing and debugging the REST APIs using the Postman tool.

  • Refactored the codebase to resolve the bugs, that are found during testing the APIs.


Nov 18 - Sep 19


  • Cofounded software solution, advertising and digital marketing agency.

  • Generated monthly user-traffic of 30K (data by Cloudflare analytics) from all the combined applications developed for the clients.

  • Developed, deployed, and maintained applications for multiple clients using various technologies such as Node.js, jQuery, JavaScript, wordpress, MongoDB, and Exprees.js by understanding the client’s requirements.



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Social Publishing platform

Developed publishing and ebook-store platform for writers and readers where users can post blogs, sell and buy

e-books, follow each other, comment and like on blogs, own an individual book store, etc.

Screenshot (225)-min.jpg

Social Networking platform

Designed and developed a social networking platform, where users can make a profile, post blogs, comment on blogs, and follow other authors. Implemented MVC architecture using JAVA, JSP, Servlet as a backend, bootstrap, jQuery, HTML/CSS as a frontend, and Mysql as a database.

Screenshot (518).png

Matrimonial application

Developed the matrimonial platform which helps the users to find their marriage partner. Implemented RESTful web services using the stack of node.js, express.js, MongoDB, Jquery, Bootstrap.  

Screenshot (280)-min.jpg

Group and individual chatting app

Developed the chatting application using the WebSocket protocol library - socket.io, node.js, express.js which facilitates users to chat with other users as well as create the chat rooms.  

Untitled design (1).png

React-native Yelp prototype

Developed the Yelp prototype mobile application (frontend) using react-native and Axios which enlists the restaurants in the nearby area of the users along with its ratings, prices, and reviews by fetching the data from Yelp API endpoints.

Screenshot (239)-min.jpg

Camping and 

events platform

Developed and designed a web application for managing camping and events.



New York University

Aug 19 - May 21

Computer Engineering  GPA : 3.5

Mumbai University

Computer Engineering